Post on Success

This post is devoted to success.  If you like the message please pass it on. Let me be clear about it.  Success is not an entitlement.  In order to achieve it, the currency of toil must be paid.  The toil is hard work, preparation, planning, perseverance and a passionate commitment to excellence.  None of these currencies of toil ever hit the snooze alarm or take a nap. 

It takes a full measure of effort to achieve success. Half measures will not get you there.  Success happens on purpose through effort, commitment and a can do attitude.  It is not realized by whining, blaming or giving up.  Nothing works in your life unless you do.  Never be stingy with your effort. 

It isn't enough to decide you want to be successful.  You must do.  Goethe said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willingness is not enough, we must do.”  Doing is a requirement for success.

Success doesn't just show up unannounced at your door and introduces itself to you.  It gets done by thoughtful and careful planning.  Zig Ziglar said, “Those who don’t plan for their future are not interested in their future.”  Success insists that you be interested in your future and to take the necessary action steps to ensure a successful one.

No one’s life is spared a setback, disappointment or loss.  Adversity introduces you to yourself.  Overcome or give up.  Can or can’t.  Sacrifice or regret.  Succeed or fail. The choice is yours.

The most successful people I know are passionate and love what they do.  They are passionate in their pursuit of perfection, even though they know perfection is rarely attained.  They are passionate about excellence and have no tolerance for mediocrity.  In their relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence they find success.  If you are not passionate about what you are doing and not committed to excellence, you will not find yourself on the right side of success.

Success is not always measured by net worth.  It is more often measured by the good you create with the success you have.  Harry Drummond said it best, “Half the world is on the wrong scent in the pursuit of happiness.  They think it consists of having and getting, and in being served by others. It consists of giving and serving others.”  Be a giver and not a taker.  It will serve you well.

Your level of success will be determined by your level of happiness. George Burns said it best when he offered this wisdom on failure and success.  He said, “I would rather be a failure at something I enjoy than to be a success at something I hate.”  You have to love what you do to create success.