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Christiansen Academy

Thank you for choosing the Christiansen Academy for your on-line continuing education credits in ethics. Joel's academy is recognized as a professional leader in ethic's training and continuing education credits for insurance agents in Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa and certified public accountants in Nebraska. His academy has been approved as a provider by the Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa State Departments of Insurance and the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy for continuing education credit hours in ethics for self-study/on-line and classroom/lecture. Joel believes in the fundamental principle that it is far easier to do the right thing than to explain why you didn’t. 

Continuing Education Course Objectives

The purpose of our on-line courses in ethics is to raise your professional level of awareness for doing the next right thing, every time with no exceptions, and to empower you to meet the ethical criteria and standards your profession expects of you.
There are three reasons for taking continuing education credits.
1.   Your professional credibility is determined by your personal ethics.
2.   They enhance your opportunity to advance in your profession.
3.   They increase your knowledge and improve your professional skills.

Course objectives

  • Learn key terms such as ethics, character, morals, values and beliefs that guide you to do what is right every time…no exceptions
  • Learn the core values of ethical behavior
  • Learn what influences and causes unethical behavior
  • Learn why ethical tests matter and why they should be passed every day
  • Learn the characteristics of good character
  • Learn the value of an ethical mission statement or ethical code of conduct to inspire trust with your customers
  • Learn the value of personal and professional responsibility and accountability
  • Learn the value of ethics in the workplace
  • Pass an assessment test demonstrating your understanding of the course content


Joel’s on-line course in ethics was a great learning experience. I highly recommend it.
— Ron Hilleges, General Manager, Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company
If you need continuing education credits in ethics, take Joel’s course on-line. It is very professional and easy to work through.
— Johnny "Jay" Pitts, Shelter Insurance
Joel’s on-line course was engaging, practical and easy to follow.
— Greg Walla, Valparaiso Insurance Company
Joel provided our firm with a very professional and engaging ceu credit experience in ethics.
— Jeremy Fox, Thomas, Kunc & Black (402-467-2714)

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