Speaking Services

The purpose of a speech is not merely to entertain and amuse, but to also challenge people to become better informed, more enlightened, and at best to be inspired to a new way of viewing, thinking and doing. Joel’s thought provoking speeches are built around the following themes he strongly believes can transform a person’s life:

  • The purpose of education is to make a mind the greatest place to spend time
  • Your life is the sum total of your thoughts and the choices you make
  • Success is a direct result of happiness and what you attract
  • Life and work are subject to change and neither has to be a grind
  • A purposeful life is driven by passion, curiosity and optimism
  • Leadership is a verb that requires good character, good ethics and making good choices that result in good outcomes
  • Adversity is an opportunity and not an excuse for failing
  • Truth and trust are the heartbeat of enduring relationships
  • Valued people will stay in the workplace and relationships
  • Living a no excuse, empowered and motivated life is a personal responsibility
  • An up close and personal look at how addiction can transform a life

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Joel's policy for speaking fees is to stay within the client's budget.

Joel is an outstanding and engaging presenter.
— Otto Schultz, President, Starfish Enterprises (402-421-3462)