What others have said about Joel Christiansen and Christiansen Academy:

Joel has an excellent background in drug education, is a very entertaining and effective speaker, and I recommend him without reservation.
— Tom Osborne, former Athletic Director, University of Nebraska
Joel has helped Concordia University develop the Organizational Development Clinic from its grassroots. His desire for helping students and entrepreneurs succeed is grounded both from a soulful and genuine belief in people but also due to his desire to empower those around him to believe that they can achieve worthwhile passions. He is an individual who knows how to critically think, actively listen, and productively nudge those who he is mentoring and consulting in a way that allows them to see their own potential. This is what makes him a great educator, guide, and inspiration to those he works with.
— Dr. Shannon M. Leinen, Concordia, University MBA Program Director & Organizational Development Clinic Coordinator
Having spent over 96 MBA in Organizational Development hours learning at Joel’s direction I can testify to his passion for excellence and his contagious ability to energize and encourage others. His courses were the highlight of my graduate experience. The real world applications are immediately apparent.
— Evan Balleweg, MBA, Program Director for the Center for Liturgical Arts, Concordia University (402-415-3745)
What a great presentation you gave yesterday at the conference! I was fully engaged
the entire time and am a big believer in the leadership tenets that you shared! Thank
you for sharing your passion with us at the March 2017 Tri-state Conference on banking.
It was truly memorable!
— Shanda Chambers, SVP Operations/Cashier (620-331- 2265)
Joel spoke at our monthly business lunch in Norfolk NE in January 2016. He did an outstanding job! That may sound like fluff, but here’s the deal. Joel spoke from the heart, and his passion for leadership and specifically ethics really came through. Joel’s speech covered relevant business and workplace topics like presence, purpose, passion, ethical conduct, and even happiness. After all, isn’t a happy employee, co-worker, or a friend a better one? I would highly endorse Joel for any speaking conference or other event of a similar nature!
— Wayne Cole, Event Coordinator, Norfolk Forums
To say Joel Christiansen is an expert at business model generation and strategic planning would be an understatement. Joel is an expert communicator, mentor, and coach that goes above and beyond for his clients. Joel took care to learn about our individual desires, needs, and beliefs and has woven them throughout the business model and strategic plan that he and his team created for us. Each step of the way he took into account who we are and designed an easy to follow step-by-step strategic plan that truly “fits us.” Thanks to Joel and his team, Sassy and Classy is thriving. On a personal note, I will never be able to thank Joel and his team enough for helping me build, not only my business, but my self confidence that really… I CAN do this!
— Anne Ecklund, Sassy & Classy, LuLaRue
Joel did an outstanding job as a presenter at our workshop!  He uplifted, inspired our entire group which was a room full of county assessors and their staff.  Joel was exactly what every one of them needed to feel reaffirmed and passionate about their jobs again.
— Regina Andrijeski, Frontier County Assessor, President, Nebraska County Assessors
You did a great job of provoking our thinking and encouraging us to use common sense in our business practices. If other organizations need a passionate and experienced professional speaker I highly recommend you.
— Bruce Zirpel, CFP/MBA, Financial Results Group
Joel is the epitome of a life-long learner, and always does his best to educate, enlighten and empower those he serves through his writing, speaking and teaching.
— Teresa Blair, Owner, Tender Loving Touch Massage
You did a SUPER job and I have heard nothing but good comments. We will work together again soon.
— Joe Pittman, Executive VP, NAIFA-Omaha
Joel combines his knowledge, experience, education and insight to relate to his audience in an entertaining, informative and motivating way. If your organization needs one of the best speakers available today, Joel Christiansen Speaking Services should be at the top of your list.
— Ron Hilliges, Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company
You have the best inspirational messages that are simple and succinct.
— Judi gaiashkibos, Executive Director, Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs
Having worked with Joel for a year now, both in the classroom and out of it, I can say,
without reservation, he is 100% committed to excellence in everything he does. It is a pleasure to work with him, and I would strongly recommend him to speak at your next event.
— Erica J. Lamm, Ph.D., MBA,Certified Listening Professional, Assistant Professor, English, Communication and Theatre Arts, Concordia University-Nebraska (301-741-0136)
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Joel for over twenty years and if there’s one word that describes his presentations, it’s “IMPACT”! If you are looking for a speaker who is sure to make an IMPACT on your organization contact Joel immediately!
— Aaron Davis, Aaron Davis Presentations
Joel is an outstanding and engaging presenter. He keeps his audience alive and moving, working with material that improves productivity and enthusiasm for the job. His many years of experience, personal commitment and high level of professionalism make him a joy to work with.
— Otto Schultz, President, Starfish Enterprises
Your continuing education course on ethics for realtors was attention-getting, spell binding and informative.
— Carl Bartlett, Broker, HOME
Thank you Joel for helping us kick off a very special school year. Your words about building a championship school will resonate with us all year long as we plan and prepare for another successful school year!
— Rob Slauson, Principal, Lincoln Southwest, Lincoln, NE
Joel and I become professional colleagues sharing management and communication techniques used to motivate non-traditional college students. His enthusiasm, willingness to overcome adversity, and gratitude for life buoyed my own success as an entrepreneur. Joel is always thought provoking.
— Martha Gadberry, Owner/Consultant, Gadberry & Associates
Joel has a great message on leadership, excellence and ethics. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter.
— Connie Sugden, Boone County Hospital employee
Thank you for a very positive, inspiring and enlightening presentation on your seven leadership tenets for creating a mindset and culture of excellence and ethical conduct.
— Joy Marshall, Strategic Manager and Event Planner, Performance Planners
Joel is highly motivated, committed, compassionate, and has a passion for serving others.
— Kay Orr, former Governor of Nebraska
Joel was hired to help me evaluate the management of our family business which was floundering at the time. Because of Joel’s wisdom and guidance, the business was re-energized and became profitable. I would hire Joel in a heartbeat. He kept our business from failing.
— Tom Moore, former General Managing Partner, Ideal Grocery
Joel has attained the highest level of success and credibility as an author, speaker and college professor. He generously shares his gifts of passion, enthusiasm, wisdom and hope through his speeches, books and courses.
— E. Wayne Boles, Corporate Relations, Telesis, Inc.
Joel Christiansen is highly gifted and passionate, and has the unique ability to help others see the light.
— Marc Boehm, Executive Associate Athletic Director, University of Nebraska.
Joel used his positive energy, wit and wisdom to inspire our organization to create greater success.
— Mike Marlow, National Sales Manager, Holiday Bright Lights
Joel was asked to address our staff regarding our school improvement goal of “respect”. His presentation on “Communicate, Cooperate and Celebrate” was filled with excellent points to consider. Joel’s great sense of humor and ability to relate his own personal experiences, made the presentation as entertaining as it was thought provoking. Staff reaction was very positive.
— Jim Jeffres, Elementary Principal, Ogallala Public Schools
I was hoping for a sincere, powerful, positive and personal message, and Joel delivered on all accounts.
— John Skretta, Principal, Norris High School
Joel speaks from his heart with truth and passion. His message is uplifting, inspiring and transforming.
— Reverend Will Bowen, Christ Unity Church and Complaint Free World, Inc.
Joel is an excellent and energetic speaker who is very down to earth. He provided us with new perspectives about generational differences in the workplace.
— Rebecca Graf, Corporate Loan Officer and member of the Millard Business Association
Your presentation to the Senior Center managers was inspiring, engaging and informative.
— Connie Cooper, Northeast Area Agency on Aging
Joel knows how to build trusting relationships.
— Jim Graff, Lincoln Housing Authority
The Stress Management Seminar that Joel did for our employees was outstanding.
— Randy Cash, Management, McDonald's Corporation
Joel’s style is very effective and elicits high participation.
— Sally Schneider, former AVP, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp
Your expertise added so much value to the quality of the training.
— Pat Kant, Director, Lancaster County Personnel, City of Lincoln.
Joel values each participant and is highly effective.
— Susan Worth Catt, HR Director, BryanLGH Medical Center
Joel’s topic on an attitude of gratitude was so inspiring we adopted it for our school-wide theme.
— Principal, Lincoln Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School
I found your preparation, positive energy and passion contagious.
— Kurt Sampson, Regional Sales Manager, Valmont Industries, Inc.